Autonomous Undersea Systems Institute

AUSI participation

Gatekeeper Station-Keeping Buoy

AUSI is supporting FSI, Vehicle Control Technologies, Inc. (VCT) and others to design, fabricate, and demonstrate a prototype Gatekeeper buoy system. The requirements of this buoy include:
  1. SeaWeb Acoustic, RF, and satellite communications capability that is continuously available
  2. Not tethered or anchored to the ocean bottom
  3. Autonomous, but can be remotely accessed via communication systems
  4. Maintains its station within some settable distance parameter (less than 1.5 kilometers
  5. Endurance goal capability of operating unattended for about 3 to 4 months in ocean currents in the range of 1.5 knots and as long as possible in currents up to 3 knots
  6. Easily deployed and retrieved
  7. Compatible with future design upgrades (air/submarine launched buoys