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Modular Mission Planning Toolkit


MMPT screenshot
AUSI is supporting TSI in the research and development of a Modular Mission Planning Toolkit (MMPT), the objective of which is to produce a mission planning capability that can be easily inserted into both existing and emerging shallow water and very shallow water operations.

To ensure that a war fighter knows exactly what the environment is, the surf and near-shore ocean prediction models require accurate information about offshore winds, wave conditions, and bathymetry. AUVs must be able to collect this data, and as soon as possible, transmit this information back to the planner. The planner then needs to validate this data to ensure its accuracy, incorporate the data determined accurate into the model, and then update the fleet with new information gained.

Multiple AUVs, operating cooperatively, can provide the most accurate environmental information and the proposed mission planner must be able to optimize the use of all AUV assets available. Experience gained during the AUVFest 2005 demonstration was incorporated into the design of the MMPT project. For example, MMPT is now being designed around a flexible database architecture and will incorporate an extremely modular interface. This will better support integration of future tools, such as mission editors which utilize behavior building blocks, as well as support links to forecast environmental data.