Autonomous Undersea Systems Institute

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Cooperative AUV Development Concept

Simulation and Virtualization
AUSI researchers have augmented the Cooperative Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Development Concept (CADCON) environment to provide the capability to test and evaluate SAUV system components and multiple cooperative vehicle mission profiles before going in the water.

This simulation facility allows for complete testing of SAUV onboard high-level software, including underwater networking protocol logic. The facility also has a training functionality in that top level mission planning and vehicle monitoring applications used by SAUV operators can also be tested as if they were in a field setting. Hardware components, such as radio frequency (RF) modems (typically connected to the vehicle monitoring application) as well as acoustic modems can also be tested within a systems context.

The SAUV PC-104 system, running a Linux OS and the high-level software, can be tested as a bench-level component. In addition, significant portions of the standalone SAUV vehicle can be put into simulation mode, thereby allowing test of other on-board vehicle electronics and subsystems.

This simulation facility was used to support behavior development and mission planning for both Lake George, NY (June 2006) and Monterey Bay, CA (July 2006) tests. For more information on this capability, see the Oceans 2006 conference paper A Simulation Environment for Testing and Evaluating Multiple Cooperating Solar-powered AUVs.

Simulation of Lake George Vehicle/Mission Status