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6/96 to Present BBN Technologies, Mobile Networking Systems

Currently responsible for engineering project management, software development management and technical leadership of BBNs portion of the DARPA sponsored Small Unit Operations (SUO) program. The SUO network is a highly advanced, CDMA packet radio network with novel mobility and scalability algorithms and protocols, needed to support a conventional Internet protocol suite plus real-time traffic. This program involves technical management of 15 25 people, as well as full responsibility for a series of complex design issues.

Currently also lead architect and principle investigator for the Submersible Acoustic Mobile Networking (SAMN) effort. SAMN is a standard TCP/IP network designed to operate in the highly constrained underwater environment, where bandwidth, range, reliability and power are restricted resources. SAMN faces many challenges in a harsh environment where the link technology is still immature and unreliable. It seriously challenges all current technology in low bandwidth, low energy networking.

Prior to that three years were spent on the Near Term Digital Radio (NTDR) program in Unix kernel development, system integration and finally management and technical control of the base program and several follow on efforts. NTDR is a precursor to the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS), providing TCP/IP backbone services to the Tactical Internet, through mobile ad-hoc networking techniques.

8/88 to 5/96 BBN Systems and Technologies, Applied Acoustics

System design, implementation, debugging, integration, testing and support for distributed Unix systems, including hardware design, 'C' programming, isolation and debugging of local and wide area network problems, ethernet and FDDI networking, router and bridge installation and troubleshooting, classified wide area networks, VME hardware design development and integration, signal processing, hardware/software integration and field installation and integration. Additional work included hardware evaluation, involvement in several CST sea trials, hardware design and system integration for Shell Auger Tendon Loaded Platform project, and sensor development for I.V.H.S. (intelligent vehicle highway system) program.

5/85 to 8/88 University of New Hampshire Marine Systems Engineering Laboratory

Design, development and testing for an autonomous underwater vehicle research program. Involvement included design and development of a 68000 based multitasking processor board, battery backed hybrid memory board, serial communications board, thruster controller, acoustic navigation system, underwater video interface, parallel I/O interface, battery power system and overall vehicle system design as well as 68000 assembly language, LISP and C software design and debugging. Additionally, experience in high-speed underwater acoustic communications, underwater R.F. communication, magnetometers and sonar systems was obtained. Responsibilities included all aspects of system design, development and implementation, as well as field testing of final systems.

6/80 to 5/85 Wang Laboratories

Individual project oriented design and development of test equipment for Wang built products including hardware, software and mechanical design, prototyping, manufacturing, documenting and training of repair personnel. Projects included, automated regulator tester, switching power supply tester and safety room, printer driver board tester, laser printer simulator, development of specialized telecommunications test equipment, development of a card punch reader interface, and evaluation of O.E.M. test equipment for fiber optics and telecommunications.

10/78 to 6/80 Harvard-M.I.T. Biomedical Engineering Center for Clinical Instrumentation

Provided support for all aspects of microprocessor based circuit development for medical research applications. Responsibilities included hardware/software design, prototyping, troubleshooting and mechanical design and fabrication.

4/77 to 11/78 Northeastern University , College of Pharmacy

Duties as Department Lab Curator included teaching and administration of student laboratories, technical assistance to research staff, development of isolated heart apparatus and maintenance of laboratory equipment.



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EDUCATION: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge MA.

B.S. Electrical Engineering, awarded May 1980.

Bucknell University , Lewisburg PA.

B.S. Biology , awarded June 1976.

Graduate work in Mathematics 1976-1977.

Northeastern University , Boston MA.

Electrical Engineering and Mathematics course work,

part-time 1977-1978.

PERSONAL: Married male.

Born September 8, 1954

Interests include fly fishing, dog sledding, backpacking, sailing and Thai cooking.